4 Feb 2023

Full-Time Building Maintenance Worker – Caluya

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital – Posted by JobsTeam Caluya, Antique Province, Philippines

Job Description

The Rigger inspects, maintains, and inspects the condition of all lifting gear used to transport goods by crane to or from maritime vessels. Assure the task is done safely and the equipment is utilized.

Job Title : Building Maintenance Worker
Location : Caluya, Antique Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 16.33 per hour.
Company : NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Responsible for drilling, securing and testing the operation of head blocks, mule blocks, sheaves, winches, and components of counterweighted, winched and dead hung systems.
  • Items, machinery, and equipment must be lifted and lowered securely to and from work platforms, trucks, streets, or other floors of buildings or vessels.
  • By signaling or vocally guiding individuals engaged in lifting and moving weights, ensures the safety of workers and commodities.
  • Rigging installation necessitates teamwork even if individual initiative and judgment are required for most of the labor.
  • Conducted tests and inspections on different rigging equipment, including planks and fiber ropes and wire rope and chains.
  • Installations often need the rigger to operate at a height of twelve to sixty feet above the ground, and frequently involve the use of safety equipment and ladders.
  • A rigger’s duty is to set up and secure heavy lifting equipment using pulleys, ropes, and hoists as needed. Executes physical labor in the course of one’s professional duties.
  • To be successful in this role, you must adhere to the company’s regulations regarding timeliness, attendance, and absence reporting.
  • A worker in this field uses hand and power equipment to secure loads onto rigging so that they may be moved or moved more easily.
  • Installation of hardware to existing structures, hanging pipes, beams, or trackers, and hardware to concrete, steel, wood, and block walls are all part of the scope of work.


  • Under general supervision, moves, laces, and secures heavy objects such as machinery and/or structural components with the use of rigging equipment, ladders, and gear; does related duties.
  • Candidates must pass a drug test in order to be appointed. Riggers are subjected to random drug and alcohol testing while on the job.
  • At least five years of recent full-time work as a Rigger, completing the tasks and obligations listed under “Duties and Responsibilities.”
  • Push/pull, hoist, or carry up to 50 pounds, but may sometimes push/pull, lift, or carry up to 100 pounds.
  • To perform the duties of this occupation effectively, the individual is often required to stand or sit for extended periods of time.

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Job Categories: Rigger. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 3 weeks.

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