7 Feb 2023

Full-Time Rigger – Naval

AlleyCorp – Posted by JobsTeam Naval, Biliran Province, Philippines

Job Description

Riggers must be familiar with complicated rigging, heavy rigging, changing crane boom and cable, electrical safety, ladder and scaffold safety, introduction to lifting gear, wire rope fundamentals, basic rigging, fire prevention, choker sizing, load charts, cutting torches, and basic blueprint reading. All riggers are strongly advised to receive certification from a nationally recognized organization such as, but not limited to, NCCER. Must study and comprehend all work-related safety risks, as well as how to handle or operate work-related tools and equipment safely and efficiently. Will be necessary to work at a factory or on a construction site.

Job Title : Rigger
Location : Naval, Biliran Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 18.33 per hour.
Company : AlleyCorp
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Riggers must operate at heights ranging from twelve to sixty feet above the ground, which often necessitates the use of safety equipment and climbing.
  • Provides for the safe transportation of supplies, machinery, and/or equipment to and from working platforms, vehicles, streets, floors, and other levels of buildings or vessels.
  • A worker in this field uses hand and power equipment to secure loads onto rigging so that they may be moved or moved more easily.
  • The scope of work includes the installation of hardware to existing structures, hanging pipes, beams, or tracks, and hardware to concrete, steel, wood, and block walls.
  • Assisting with the installation of counterweighted, winched, and dead-hung systems by drilling and testing the performance of these components, as well as fastening and securing mule blocks and sheaves.
  • Attendance, timeliness, and reporting absences are all critical to the successful performance of this function.
  • While most of the job requires individual initiative and judgment, when it comes to rigging installation, working as part of a team is essential.
  • To protect the safety of employees and materials, personnel involved in lifting and transferring loads are given signals or verbal directions.
  • Heavy lifting equipment must be set up and secured by a Rigger utilizing pulleys, ropes and hoists so that it may be operated safely. This individual engages in physical labor as a part of the day-to-day operations.
  • Conducted tests and inspections on different rigging equipment, including planks and fiber ropes and wire rope and chains.


  • Over the last decade, five years of full-time experience as a Rigger fulfilling the tasks and obligations stated under Duties and Responsibilities.
  • A valid state-issued driver’s license is essential for DOT appointments, and it must be maintained during the course of work.
  • To be considered for an appointment, candidates must be clean of any drug or alcohol abuse. During the course of their work, riggers are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.
  • Carry up to 50 pounds of various equipment, supplies, and components on your own without assistance.
  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, walk, climb, kneel, crawl, stoop and/or sit.

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Job Categories: Rigger. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 3 months.

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