25 Jan 2023

Full-Time Senior Manager – Asyūṭ

Gonzer Associates, L. J. – Posted by JobsTeam Asyūṭ, Asyūṭ, Egypt

Job Description

Overseeing daily office operations and ensuring that all systems and equipment run smoothly and efficiently is a primary responsibility of a Budget Manager who works closely with a Director of Administration Operations. The Budget Manager is in charge of acquiring and maintaining office and equipment, as well as improving procedures and training personnel on AV, phone systems, and other office equipment, such as computers. Help desk for all office equipment and systems, as well as software troubleshooting and training, in close collaboration with IT personnel. Job duties include: Coordination of budget input and reporting for the Administration department is another responsibility of this position. This person is responsible for overseeing Merrill Center Receptionist and ensuring that the state and regional office managers have the proper resources in order to run their respective offices smoothly. All office supplies and equipment will be consistent and efficient thanks to this position’s oversight.

Job Title : Senior Manager
Location : Asyūṭ, Asyūṭ, Egypt
Salary : $ 41.37 per hour.
Company : Gonzer Associates, L. J.
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Manages, coaches and trains staff, and evaluates performance; meets regularly with staff to discuss and resolve priorities, workload, resource allocation, technical issues, quality standards, and services; monitors workload, special projects and assignments, and assures that quality and timeliness standards are met.
  • In charge of overseeing the City’s budgeting activities including the creation of annual operating, performance, and capital improvement program (CIP) budgeting standards, as well as monitoring and reporting on these budgeting processes; final approval of the City’s budget; publication of the approved final budget.
  • Respond accurately to queries about assigned program areas from both internal and external sources, collaborating with stakeholders as needed to ensure timely responses.
  • Short and long-term financial forecasts and multi-year forecast models are produced, as well as short and long-term income and expenditure predictions and multiyear forecast models; compared to budget and projections, discovered revenue control issues, and advised budget revisions.
  • Intermediary between the VP&S Office of Budget and the department’s budgetary affairs. Assist with the creation of the department’s budget narrative.
  • Performs extra assigned duties and responsibilities that are not explicitly stated in the job description, but which fit within the broad occupational category and responsibility level generally associated with the employee’s class of work.
  • Budget difficulties are investigated, financial data and trends are evaluated and analyzed, future resource availability is projected, and remedial measures are recommended.
  • In order to assess performance consistently and effectively, the incumbent must integrate into a department operation team for a short- or long-term assignment, developing rapport; and adopt analytical criteria. It is essential to be able to establish and stick to deadlines.
  • According on this person’s analysis of data from numerous departments, they then recommend how much money each department should get.
  • Work with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Finance (OF) on a wide range of operational and budgetary concerns, as well as grant processing, for the assigned divisions.


  • Having the ability to work from home, on the road, or in an office, as long as you have the ability to complete your job tasks.
  • Understanding of public sector finance and budget management theories, principles, and best practices, such as project-level budgeting, resource allocation, and yearly financial reporting, is essential.
  • A minimum of three years’ experience in a similar position; excellent organizational and people skills; good communication and writing skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment; self-motivated and able to handle multiple tasks at once; good managerial skills and the ability to work and develop others as a team; Knowledge of Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher), as well as graphics/desktop and Internet applications, is desirable.
  • Strong aptitude for and expertise in working with massive datasets, integrating software solutions, and utilizing business intelligence tools.
  • In addition, four (4) years of professional management experience comprising the development, monitoring, and administration of a diverse operational budget and grant preparation/administration are required.

How to Apply

وظائف اليوم

Job Categories: Budget Manager. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 1 month.

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