9 Feb 2023

Part-Time Sr. Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis – Luxor

ING Bank N.V. – Posted by JobsTeam Luxor, Al-Uqṣur, Egypt

Job Description

The Director of Finance is in charge of the company’s long-term financial planning and the establishment of all financial and administrative goals, strategies, and procedures to maintain the company’s fiscal health. Manages and safeguards the organization’s cash and other valuable assets. In charge of all accounting processes, auditing, and reporting. Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Financial Reporting are just few of the areas that this person is responsible for overseeing. Responsible for managing the Human Resources team by developing, executing, and assessing HR strategies, policies, and practices related to building and maintaining positive relationships with and supporting the organization’s workforce. We will discuss a salary range and benefits package that is competitive with your level of experience. Manager of Finance and Human Resources reports directly to the President. Responds to the President’s requests for financial information on the corporation. Manager of an accounting department.

Job Title : Sr. Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Location : Luxor, Al-Uqṣur, Egypt
Salary : $ 43.06 per hour.
Company : ING Bank N.V.
Job Type : Part-Time


  • Helps to create and manage tax regulations. Helps provide quarterly or more frequent updates to the company’s and principals outside tax advisors as needed for taxable income projections and tax planning methods. Manages the company’s external tax consultants and their preparation of the company’s annual income tax filings.
  • compares actual results with predetermined benchmarks and presents findings to upper management.
  • Manages and reviews all orders placed with the business to guarantee they adhere to established policies and procedures and to facilitate the management and retrieval of records created by these transactions.
  • to manage the company’s financial resources. This role is accountable for managing the company’s cash flow by establishing credit, collections, and purchasing policies and schedules for bill payment and other financial commitments. Financial accountability includes the authority to establish policies and procedures for making purchases, extending credit, and collecting debts, as well as establishing payment schedules for bills and other financial commitments.
  • Coordinates, examines, and gives final approval to proposed changes to the budget after having discussed them with the President.
  • provides the information necessary for other managers and departments to carry out their assigned duties.
  • must provide final permission to any and all contracts for the purchase of goods or services, as well as any other activities that involve the expenditure of money.
  • Establishes, coordinates, and oversees a suitable plan for the control of operations, including profit planning, programs for capital investing and financing, sales projections, spending budgets, and cost standards, as well as the essential controls and processes to carry out the plan.
  • Prepares operations statistics and special reports as needed, such as interim and year-end financial statements, and develops and implements accounting policies. Manages the company’s accounting system and keeps track of the company’s assets and financial activities.
  • through internal control, internal audits, and ensuring adequate insurance coverage, ensures protection for the company’s assets.


  • Excel, Word, and financial accounting systems are all strong PC skills.
  • Should have at least eight years of expertise in financial management and accounting.
  • Solid accounting instruction in all areas, including administration and accounting for accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger maintenance, credit, collections, and inventory.
  • experience in setting up and maintaining internal controls, handling payroll, budgeting, costing, and creating and analyzing financial statements.
  • Superior abilities in planning, analyzing, communicating (both orally and in writing), and arranging things.

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Job Categories: Director Of Finance. Job Types: Part-Time.

Job expires in 2 weeks.

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