7 Feb 2023

Full-Time Valuation Analyst — Bank Experience Required – Brass

Goldman Sachs – Posted by JobsTeam Brass, Bayelsa, Nigeria

Job Description

As an Investment Analyst, you can put your expertise in sports and entertainment to good use. You are the team leader for pricing and managing ticket inventory for live events that the Investment team has acquired through partnerships. To learn how external influences affect secondary market trends, you’ll keep an eye on the sports and entertainment industries. You will examine such trends and sales data to set suitable ticket prices, so reducing our company’s exposure to risk and increasing its potential for profit. You will expand our company by discovering new ways to make our market more active, liquid, and fruitful. This necessitates having the ability to respond quickly, at any time, in any place, to the dynamic, live market. If one of the most famous bands in the world were to announce a farewell tour, or if a certain sports team were to win the championship, you would need to predict how many people would be interested in buying their merchandise and then make sure there was enough in stock to meet the demand.

Job Title : Valuation Analyst — Bank Experience Required
Location : Brass, Bayelsa, Nigeria
Salary : $ 33.93 per hour.
Company : Goldman Sachs
Job Type : Full-Time


  • This role is essential to the organization because of the invaluable market intelligence it provides through the transmission of supply-side experience and the provision of assistance with demand forecasting.
  • Find out how to operate a ticket marketplace and how you can help us give our consumers wonderful experiences.
  • Gain a firm grounding in departmental procedures by taking part in all scheduled team gatherings.
  • Help investment managers with short-term pricing projects by organizing data.
  • benefits from the company’s many alliances to purchase assets at the lowest possible cost while minimizing any potential downsides.
  • capitalizes on lucrative investment opportunities, which increases market liquidity and firm growth.
  • uses market data to generate practical insights and chances for pricing improvement.
  • helps people find what they’re looking for by making sure proper ads are widely shared.
  • Contribute to our techniques, methods, or technology in order to support the company’s overall objectives and improve team performance.
  • Get a grasp of the ideas that form the basis of our department’s pricing philosophy and practices.


  • A track record of successfully identifying trends and managing risks, as well as experience screen-trading financial instruments or actively profiting from market inefficiencies.
  • Skills in utilizing Excel or Google Sheets to edit and analyze large datasets, analyzing data to identify patterns and trends, and considering contextual factors while making strategic decisions.
  • Experience in a fast-paced environment with exceptional attention to detail alongside the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
  • You have extensive expertise constructing diversified portfolios across any asset class or skill-based game, and you have a firm grasp on risk hedging and the identification of asymmetrical upside (preferred).
  • flexible availability, with the understanding that occasional out-of-hours work will be required to satisfy the needs of the business.

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Job Categories: Investment Analyst. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 3 months.

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